Water Ballon Base Stand Balloon Sewa


suitable for kids birthday party or outdoor props deco

size tapak : 12 inch (30cm)

Tinggi tiub :

Harga sewa : RM 15 / 2 pcs

Stand disewa TANPA Balloon

10G, Jalan 30E/146, Desa Tasek, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur


Monday- Friday (10am-7pm)

Lunch break:  1-2 pm

Friday prayer closed 1-2.45 pm

Saturday (10am-3pm)

Closed every Sunday

Contact No:
03-90543169 [business hour only]

Use safe and suitable transport for pickup and deliver-do not use pickup 4×4 (high risk) if still want to use it the security deposit will be higher -starting from Rm 500 & above